The technical characteristics of the technology are:

  • High Performance (from –35°C to +80°C)
  • Long term protection 
  •  Process certified ISO 9001:2000 
  • Protects all ferrous - and non-ferrous metals, alloys, electronic components, plastics and organic materials.
  • Environmentally safe, RohS compliant, TRGS 615 und TRGS 900 compliant, recyclable
  • Occupational Safety Prize 2005 for a cleaner alternative in corrosion protection (BAUA)
  • ESD 106 -108Ω permanent (even at humidity <5%)
  • Available in all traditional packaging formats
  • Re-usable (up to 3 cycles for bags)

How Intercept Works.

INTERCEPT consists of copper particles with enormous surface area that are chemically and permanently bonded to a plastic structure. The particles react much readily with elements (Corrosive Gases) that are present in the atmosphere and create or promote corrosion.

INTERCEPT permanently ties and reacts with corrosive gases creating a neutralized atmosphere which protects all materials inside it against corrosion and aging. Moisture that migrated through the packaging material will be liberated from corrosive elements so that it cannot cause corrosion.

The neutralization effects and the reaction with present corrosive gases take place in a very short time (< 1h). It does not matter if INTERCEPT is placed directly near the goods to be protected, or if it is located at a greater distance from the packaged goods. This allows for new packaging concepts with higher load densities and less packaging costs.

INTERCEPT has been applied at renowned companies, in numerous industries and applications since 1984. Of course, a change in the use of a protection method does not happen just because of mere word of mouth or theoretical claims. Our technology had to prove itself under the most severe and realistic conditions encountered. 

The effects have been confirmed in numerous tests, lab tests in accordance with DIN, EN, ISO, ASTM and other norms, and through hundreds of independent shipment tests.

We would be happy to discuss the key principles and the advantages for specific applications. Our experts are available for contact worldwide.

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