About Us

Intercept Thailand Co.,Ltd is a licensed distributor for Intercept Technology™ invented and developed by Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs. Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs have taken that concept to new levels to address package protection against static charges and protection against corrosion and degradation. Intercept Thailand Co.,Ltd  has made a long term commitment to the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Today we are a leader in static (ESD) and corrosion control packaging, delivering a broad range of highly effective, environmentally friendly solutions to:

·         Oil and Gas

·         Mining equipment and protection of core samples

·         Aerospace

·         Automotive

·         Processed Metals, Wire and Stamped Products

·         Electronics and Telecommunications

·         Heavy Machinery and Capital Equipment Protection

·         Precious Metals, Coins and Museum artifacts

Our commitments to our customers is to help them reduce costs through increased efficiencies, reduced out of date materials, reduced rejections due to ESD and/or Corrosion damage as well as having a commitment to the environment. Environmental Award-winning Intercept Technology™ packaging products are a change for the better. Compared to other packaging materials in the same category, Intercept can reduce waste, lower a company’s carbon footprint, and increase product reliability. Simply stated, Intercept packaging is better for the environment, better for our planet, and better for our customers.
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